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Research & Your Information

Clinical Research – This practice is actively involved in clinical research to help improve understanding regarding the management and treatment of various medical conditions. You may be asked from time to time by a member of our clinical team whether you would be interested in participating in a study or trial.

All clinical research carried out in this practice is thoroughly checked and approved by ethical committees which ensure that it is appropriate and safe to perform. Your participation is entirely voluntary and can be withdrawn by yourself at any time without any explanation required.

You are under no obligation to participate in any research project.

GPRD – We also supply anonymised data to Department of Health approved clinical research establishments. Under no circumstances is any patient identifiable information sent as part of this.

Please read the practice privacy notice regarding research in the library section of this website for more details.

Health & Social Care Information Centre (hscic) – Under the Health and Social Care Act 2012, NHS England has the power to direct the HSCIC to collect information from providers of NHS care, including general practice. If you wish to know more about this or would like information on how you can opt out please read the hscic leaflets in the library section of this website.

Summary Care Record (SCR) – this is an electronic patient summary containing key clinical information from your GP record that is accessible by authorized healthcare staff in an urgent or emergency situation. A SCR is optional – a patient can choose whether or not to have one.

If you require further information about SCR or would like information on how you can opt out of this please ask at reception.

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