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Oakside Surgery Covid 19 Action Plan

Oakside Surgery Covid 19 Action Plan (Updated 20th March 2020)

Dear Patients

We have set out below the steps we have had to take to continue providing a service to you during this crisis. Please read the following carefully.

We ask all our patients to understand that all our staff are also people like you who have families and children, who share your anxieties and frustrations.

Our staff are dedicated and hardworking; they are making personal sacrifices to ensure that we can maintain a service to you during this crisis – please show them the respect they deserve.

We are putting the following measures in place during this crisis NOT to restrict your access to medical care but to comply with the governments’ social isolation policy which will ultimately keep patients and our staff safe from Covid 19 and allow us to continue providing a service to our patients.

We ask that you play your part by acting responsibly, not abusing our staff and working with us during this crisis.

It will only take one infected patient in the wrong circumstances to close this surgery down.


For Medical Concerns – during this crisis we are asking all patients to contact the surgery via eConsult first and only via the phones as a last measure.

eConsult can be accessed by going to our website at https://oakside.gpsurgery.net/.

If you are unable to complete an eConsult you can try phoning the surgery but you may have to wait or fail to get through as at this time our phones are very busy and we have a limited number of staff available to answer the phones.

Upon receiving your eConsult a member of the surgery team will review your request and contact you accordingly.

We will deal with your request and we will contact you but this may not be immediately so we ask you the bear with us.

If as a result of your request you are asked to come to the surgery for a Booked Appointments with a member of our clinical team please go to the ‘Booked Appointment Entrance’ at the left hand end of the Doctors Car Park.

In order to minimise potential infection spread come down to the surgery at the time you were given for your appointment;

Do NOT turn up for your appointment early.

Do NOT bring anybody else with you to your appointment.


For Prescriptions – in order to prevent infection spread we are asking all patients to sign up for online services so that you can order your repeat medication electronically and then your prescriptions can be sent direct to a pharmacy of your choice; Without the need for paper which may increase the risk of cross-contamination / infection spread.

You can sign up for online services by going to our website and following the link to ‘online access’ at the bottom of our homepage.

Early request for any medication will be rejected as surgery capacity needs to be focused on ensuring all patients have their repeat medication on time.

You will need to take personal responsibility to ensure that you order your medication in sufficient time to ensure continuation of supply.

We cannot be held responsible if you put yourself in a situation whereby you will run out of medication because you have not ordered more medication in sufficient time.

If you have a prescription query these need to be sent to us via eConsult.

If you come to the surgery to collect your paper prescription, please go to the ‘Prescription Collection Point’ located down the alley way to the right hand side of the surgery building.

Do NOT go to this point for anything else as you will be turned away.


For Sick Notes – all requests for sick notes should be made via eConsult;

If you are self-isolating as a result of government policy and have been asked by your employer to request a sick note from your GP can you please advise your employer that guidance has already been issued by the government for employers to use their discretion around the needs for medical evidence as this will unnecessarily increase the burden on the NHS.

We are advised that via the NHS 111 website you should be able to obtain a notification which can be used as evidence for absence from work, if required.


As a surgery team we are meeting daily to respond to changing circumstances and we will be updating this action plan on a regular basis as the crisis develops.

Copies will be posted on social media, the surgery website and the surgery main entrance door.

Please do not ring the doorbell at the main entrance for attention as for the foreseeable future we will be ignoring it so that we can concentrate on service delivery.

Lastly we would like to thank all our patients for your support and cooperation during these challenging times.

With regards


Oakside Surgery Team

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