Oakside Surgery

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To book an appointment you should contact the surgery by telephoning 01752 766000, call into reception during normal opening hours or book your appointment online. (To book appointments online you will need to register with EMIS Patient Access first at www.patientaccess.com )

We would encourage you to register for EMIS Patient Access as this will also allow you to order your repeat medication, view your test results and view parts of your medical records as well.

The surgery offers two distinct types of appointments:

(1) A Pre-booked Appointment is an appointment which is booked in advance (up to 3-4 weeks).

  • Pre-booked appointments are generally available to allow you to discuss medical problems of a less urgent nature or where you may be seeing one of the practice clinical team for on-going chronic disease management.
  • Pre-booked appointments can be booked with any member of the clinical team depending on the nature of the medical problem and any preference expressed by you.
  • Availability of pre-booked appointments is very much dependant on whether you wish to see a named clinician or are happy to see the first available clinician.

(2) A Same Day Appointment is an appointment which is booked for the same day that the appointment is made.

  • Same Day appointments are to address an acute (immediate) medical problem.
  • Same Day appointments are therefore booked on the day
  • All requests for Same Day appointments are initial triaged by one of our Paramedics, who can either agree a course of action over the phone or book you into an appointment with the most appropriate clinician to deal with your concern(s).

If you require a Same Day appointment we would appreciate if you could phone the surgery as early as possible as this will allow us time to plan resources to meet demand on the day.

The choice as to whether a Pre-Booked or Same Day appointment is required is left with you although the receptionist you speak to may well ask you for details as to the nature of your problem so that the most appropriate appointment with the most appropriate medical professional can be offered.

IMPORTANT – Cancellation of Appointments – If you cannot attend your appointments for any reason please let us know as soon as possible so we can then offer the appointment to someone else.

We are now utilising MJOG (Text messaging service) to remind patients of their booked appointments, this is a 24/7 service and allows patients to cancel their appointments at any time without having to phone the surgery so we would encourage all patients to register for this service – to do so please ask one of our team for an application / consent form. As a result of GDPR we need your consent to contact you.

Missed AppointmentsDue to the number of wasted appointments through patient’s failing to attend without prior informing the surgery it has become necessary to implement the following policy.

If you fail to attend:

  •  any same-day appointment
  •  a pre-booked appointment on two occasions or more in any one month period
  •  a pre-booked appointment on more than three occasions in a 12 month period

you will be sent a DNA warning letter which will last for 6 months.

If you fail to attend any appointment within this 6 month warning period then you may be removed from this practice list and have to find an alternative doctor.

Patients who are late for their appointments may not be seen, although we will try to be as flexible as possible.


If you would like a chaperone present during your consultation then either advise the receptionist when booking your appointment or when checking in at reception, or advise the consulting medical professional during your consultation.

There may also be times when the consulting medical professional feels it would be appropriate for a chaperone to be present during the consultation. If this is the case this will be explained to you at the time.


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